Discovering Luci’s Trail – Ojai

I love Ojai.  I especially love the hills above downtown Ojai. Serenity abounds!  Hiking is one of my favorite things to do! So good for the soul.

The trails system in Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s Valley View Preserve is one of my ultimate favorite places to explore. The hikes are a bit strenuous (which is what I am looking for) and are absolutely  beautiful. They also keep you relatively close to town so that always helps me lessen my inhibitions of encountering  a wild animal!  Plus, they are well used meaning there are other people around pretty frequently,  if you should need assistance.

I was eager to try out Luci’s Trail.  I have heard great things about it!  Access is off of Shelf Road just pass Fox Canyon trailhead.  Ojai Valley Land Conservancy has a great map of the Valley View Preserve.  click here to see the OVLC 2014-valley-view-map-web


Luci’s Trail is super fun. It is a bit steep in the beginning so be prepared to spend a bit more time on the trail if you want to complete a loop.  I decided to go up Luci’s Trail from Shelf Road and hook up to the Foothill Trail (take that West) and then come back down Fox Canyon Trail.  It was a great mix of ups and downs and kept my senses active with all the different sights. Amazing views of the Ojai Valley!   I would highly recommend it!  This loop can be done in about 1 hr – 1.5 hr.  My fitness tracker measured about 3.5 miles. Parking is available on N Signal Street.  Please be courtesy of the residences nearby!  OVLC has clear marking of each trail.  Although, their website has a great mobile trail finder that you can access while on the trails at   Have fun and enjoy Ojai!

The Ojai Loop – A Great Hike in Ojai

For those who who love to experience nature and all of Ojai’s glorious energy, this is a great hike for you! Start at Pratt trail head near the top of Signal Street. Hike up Pratt Trail, upFoothill Road, past the water tower till you come to what locals call the “saddle” or better yet a fork in the road. At this junction you could go left and the trail will hook up to the Cozy Dell Trail which is also a phenomenal hike but today, we went right on the Fuel Break Trail.

This meanders in the gorgeous backcountry, some ups and downs of small hills varying steepness. It is a bit exposed so it was great today being it was a bit cloudy. Tremendous views of Ojai and the majestic National Forest. Eventually, this trail will come to Gridley Road. If you have small children, I would recommend parking an extra car at this point. We hiked down Gridley for a short distance and then took Shelf Road back to Signal street where are cars were. This hike has 3 great trails in one giant Loop!

I clocked it at 6.7 miles, it took us about 1.5 hours and we ran some along the way. If your visiting Ojai, this is a great morning excursion! Have fun!







Ojai Meadows Preserve

Ojai Meadows Preserve is a must! Great walk or run along dirt paths meandering throughout this wildlife preserve maintained by the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. Located adjacent to Nordhoff High School on Maricopa Highway. Parking is on shoulder on Maricopa Highway. Take notice of the beautiful native plants and animals and gorgeous Topa Topa mountains. Dogs are welcome on leash.